The Journey Begins

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We have decided to take a six month trek across South America starting in January 2015.  We will start in Chile where Cindy and I went on our Honeymoon.  We have found a great place to stay for the first three weeks – they even have sheep and a new foal to play with.  Everyone is pretty anxious about leaving for six months, but I can say it’s going to be a great experience.  We have had tremendous support from friends and family on our endeavor to journey and we are expecting great things of our travels.   It is crazy the things you have to do in order to get ready for a trip like this – some of these things we will post, some we won’t…

The Boulder Valley schools have been very supportive of our kids taking this time with us to learn – of course that means mom and dad will be the new ‘teachers’.

Let the journey begin.  It should be a fun one.


  1. Christy Clarke says

    We missed you last night Cindy and we’ll keep missing you over these months but hope the boys arrived safely and that you are ready to join up with them. Safe travels and Bienvenido a Chile!


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