Where We are – in the USA – huh?

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So it’s been cold – in the 68-72F range – at the beach – which largely we were expecting to be hotter.  It’s not humid at all – very comfortable.  We’ve been wearing sweatshirts and shorts – it’s nice but not 100% of what we were thinking.  When we were walking yesterday I asked everyone – hey – if we were in the US where do you think we would be?  Answers were San Francisco, Maryland (Cindy), Oregon (me), etc.    When Gavin was on Skype with his class they wanted to know where he was – it’s hard to explain.  it’s also hard to visualize why we are 4 hours ahead of Colorado, etc.

So here ya go – the red pin in the map is our coordinates if we were in the Northern Hemisphere vs Southern.  You can see the ‘blue dot’ in Chile – that’s us.   It looks like we are about the same Latitude as South/North Carolina Border.  Having been in South Carolina in the summer I can tell you that this is not South Carolina – much cooler, no humidity, etc.  Anyway this will give you a greater sense of where we are…  What’s interesting is that I want to map the tip of south america to see where it is against North America – doesn’t seem like it would be close to Alaska even – given our coordinates.

our Lat/Lon moved to Northern Hemishphere

our Lat/Lon moved to Northern Hemishphere


  1. Granddad says

    Very helpful information. I am sure people viewing the map have a much clearer idea about where you are. Hope the weather improves for you.

    Love to everyone.



  2. Yes, you’d be off the coast near Myrtle Beach. To bring it into the Colorado region, you’ve only gone as far south/north as Roswell, NM.


  3. gmackeigan says

    Yes, you would be near Myrtle Beach. To put you closer to the Colorado region, you’re as far south/north as Roswell NM. On the next leg of your journey, start looking for the Southern Lights!


  4. Francisca says

    Hello! My name is Francisca and I’m from chile. I lived in Boulder for 5 moths and I just arrived to Chile. Rosa Medina (from Columbine Elementary School) told me about you and your trip! I would like to meet you guys And If I can, show you a little bit of Chile. I had a great experience with people in Colorado so I really want to share for a while with you in Chile.
    Let me know if you want, I have my phone number to Rosa!


    • Hello Francisca – that would be great – we are in Pucon – where are you? you can email me at nowell.outlaw at g m a i l dot com.


  5. Granddad says

    Hi you guys, This is grandmother. Gavin, your post was very descriptive with good use of commas. I always read writing as a teacher does. I always want to have a pencil to make corrections. Yours was terrific. It gave me a very clear view of things. I know you all are enjoying the experimenting. It is good to have Friday to relax. I look forward to reading all of you posts. I love you very much. Grandmother


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