On The Road Again… Africa

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Well I haven’t posted here in a while – almost 4 years… Crazy how time flies.  After our entire Africa trip was thrown into the air last week due to Ebola, we are now ready to leave.  The best thing is that we (Cindy) scrambled and we have a new itinerary, including better routing to/from Africa via Frankfurt – so instead of 4 legs each way it’s only 2.

We will get to trek to see Gorillas (no fence/wall/barrier), see the Serengeti, hike a volcano, and see another way of life outside of the bubble that we live in.

Seems like a long time ago in a land far far away when we were driving through South America – now one kid is a senior in high school working on college essays, the other starting sophomore year.

Will try to update this blog with our travels, but really not super interested in connecting to wifi for a couple of weeks.

We will be in Nairobi for several Days, then Rwanda, a day/in/out of Uganda for Gorillas, then to Tanzania for a couple of days.  We depart back to the USA mid-July.  Our initial trip was mostly in Uganda, but with Ebola our guides did not want to go.  Ebola has grown significantly in Congo in the last 5 months (doesn’t make CNN at all) with over 1,500 people dying.

It’s a lot easier to leave for 3 weeks than 6 months, but Dogs get a nice kennel with run area, chickens are getting watched by neighbors, cat passed away though 😦

Love trips like this, changes your life perspective.







  1. jack mccullough says

    Needless to say, but we wish a wonderful and very safe trip. Use your heads and make good decisions, but say hi to Godzilla for us.
    Love, Mom and Dad

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  2. Rosa Medina says

    My dear Outlaws!! Best wishes to you all! I look so forward to hearing about your adventures when you come back. Safe travels and wishes for many awe inspiring experiences. Rosa

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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