Tanzania Safaris: Tarangire Park, Ngorogoro Crater

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So we are now back in Nairobi after crossing the border from Tanzania, but have spent the last three days on a safari trek to two different parks to see various animals. By far, Tanzania was the most touristy spot we visited with 20-30 safari trucks waiting at entrances to parks and driving around in front of you. We did not see so much of this in Kenya – maybe because the distances are greater. Our first drive was about 2 hours, then another 2 hours to the hotel, then in the morning another 1.5 hours to the Ngorogoro crater. Ngorogoro is like Yellowstone national park – a sunken hole in the earth – miles across – where animals live – none really leave. Mostly wilderbeast, antelope, and zebra. Rumored is rhino’s although we didn’t officially see one up close. On the second day we think Hayden had a stomach bug, so he suffered through a couple of hours of 4×4 (very bumpy) roads – which completely sucks when you’re also feeling motion sick – but he made it through it.

We didn’t see any live action “kills” on the part of lions or other predator animals, but I think that’s ok. Our guide told us a story of a battle between a crocodile and lion over a zebra that the lion had taken down which would be interesting, but that wasn’t to be part of this journey.

Our travel guide (James @ lion king adventures) was great, and our lodging was also very nice. Except for one hotel that hot water wasn’t working, which seems to be about 25% of the case anyway. When you do find a good shower you appreciate it. Our guides arranged for us to be driven from Arusha back to Nairobi, which only took four hours and was easy. The drivers here a bit crazy, ours was no different, trying to pass trucks, and weave in/out of Nairobi traffic to get 10 feet further than the guy behind us.

In the end, it was a good three days, seeing lots of animals. I believe the part we visited in Kenya was a bit better, largely because the animals were closer to you – except on this trip when lions were about 5 feet from the truck. There is so much to see here, you could spend a month going from park to park, probably seeing different things in each place that you didn’t see the day before.


  1. Jack McCullough says

    The pictures are awesome. The pictures are so clear and detailed. I am glad you are able to “freshen up” for the next series of adventures. Stay safe and keep the stories and pictures coming.


  2. Kathy Skapyak says

    I am so living vicariously through you guys on this trip. This destination is by far on the top of my bucket list. Beautiful pictures!


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