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Navimag to Torres Del Paine:  5M Seas, 50 knot winds, incredible views, an extra three days… and more

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Well we have been offline for almost a week now.  We took a ship from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales Chile – which goes down the coast “inland” then goes offshore for a stretch of about 14 hours and basically in the sourthern ocean.  The boat trip was spectacular, however due to weather we were delayed leaving, delayed in route and delayed getting in.  After experiencing the ocean side of the trip I’m glad the […]

Getting to Back to Chile – Frutillar; Studebaker Museum; Submarine, 3500 Year Old Tree; and more…

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Well it’s been about a week since we did a real post about what we have been up to.  We successfully crossed back from Argentina to Chile without much of an issue.  Taking the car across the border was my biggest concern, however we have our title and US registration and that has been all that’s needed.  It seems with vehicles in South America they go off of your plate tag and not the acctual […]

Refugio Fray, Cerro Cathederal, Playing Tourist & another great meal

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Refugio Fray – Cerro Cathederal – So we did another very big hike the other day.  We hiked to Refugio Fray which sits atop Cerro Catehderal and is a highlight of our trip – from trekking anyway.  It’ a longer hike 24KM, with about 600 vertical feet that you do mostly in the last two kilometers.  Once you get to the top you find other people who are generally climbing and camping at the refugio. […]

Hiking Playa Munoz; Fondue Dinner; a Mountain Glacier Sailing on the Lake

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It’s been a busy couple of days here in Bariloche Argentina. We have until Saturday here, then will cross back into Chile and stay in a place called Frutillar until Friday, when we board the Navimag ship for a 4 day excursion to the tip of South America. They can accommodate our car on the ship so we are going one way and ending up at Puerto Natales – so more on that excursion in […]

Bariloche: St. Bernards, Skyway Tram, Hiking Refugio Lopez & a good meal

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  So we have now been in Bariloche for about 5 days. Honestly the first couple we have been in reaction mode dealing with stuff from our incident in Pucon. However, we have now submitted everything to insurance and they are doing their stuff on their end. Note to anyone travelling, it’s a good idea to take pictures of any/all items taken on a trip. One of our issues is my camera which we don’t […]

Ugh! Robbed in Pucon – we are ok.

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So we had been staying in this great spot in Pucon called Romance del Lago – which was excellent up until Wednesday when the ugly side of the world reared its head and sort of slapped us back into reality.  We left our house around 4:30, came back at 8:30 to find a window wide open.  Yup, we got robbed.  At first you don’t believe it, then you realize what you lost and get really […]

Blue Berry Farm, Air Show, Hot Springs, Unbelievable BBQ – again?, Dessert, Pucon is growing (sadly)

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  So it’s been a busy couple of days.  We have gone sort of crazy the last couple of days doing lots of neat things.  The weather was a bit colder so we managed to not be at the beach – and recover from our crazy hike.  We managed to meet some people at the BBQ that are from America & Australia – and they own a blue berry farm.  Well that perked our interest […]

Captain Jack Sparrow, German Beer, Sailing and our Crazy 10+ Mile Hike (sore today!)

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Beach/Bar/Jack Sparrow – We now have officially been here for about a month and are getting the hang of things.  Certain things like ordering food, going to the store, etc. we have under our belts – in understanding what people want, communicating, etc.  It’s the new situations where we stand there looking like dopes since we don’t know what we are being told.  Many times it’s simply knowing the nouns and verbs – but when you […]

We’re in San Francisco! I knew this felt like California

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So the entire trip from Vina Del Mar driving down here I kept telling Cindy and the boys that this is just like California – only about 75 years ago (or more).  The landscape, the fruits & farms, the type of trees, etc. all reminds me of California.  The weather in Pucon is amazingly good – even locals have said they are surprised at how nice it has been – they usually have some rainy […]