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Driving South America – Border Crossings and Must Have’s

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  So on a lot of our trip we needed to lookup from others how they did it – if they really needed certain paperwork, etc.  so I figure I’d add one post for the world in case there were others out there needing information.   No photos in this post as I find myself sitting back in the home office in Colorado these days, wondering how a year ago we figured out to go drive […]

Zipping Across Northern Argentina- Iguazu to Salta – RT16

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    Well we were in Iguazu Falls at the northern “shoe” portion of Argentina and our plan had always been to get across to Salta – before heading over into Chile and up into Peru.  Salta is an amazing place – we took the boys today to go see children mummies that were sacrificed by the Inca 500 years ago and planted on the peaks of the mountains – 22,000 ft.  It wasn’t a […]

Rural Turismo Los Vilches – “honey I got a room with a goat!”

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So we are now in Pucon, having driven from Las Cruces to Pucon.  We needed a place to stay and the 1/2 way point is a spot in Chillán – so we went about finding a place to stay.  I wasn’t really paying attention when Cindy was making the reservation(s) – we usually trust each other – and she’s great about finding places to stay.  All I heard was “I booked a place with a picture […]