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Driving South America – Border Crossings and Must Have’s

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  So on a lot of our trip we needed to lookup from others how they did it – if they really needed certain paperwork, etc.  so I figure I’d add one post for the world in case there were others out there needing information.   No photos in this post as I find myself sitting back in the home office in Colorado these days, wondering how a year ago we figured out to go drive […]

San Pedro de Atacama, Crossing at 15,700, Salt Flats, Valley de la Luna

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  So we’ve spent about four days in San Pedro de Atacama at 8,000 feet doing some pretty amazing things in the great outdoor desert.  The Atacama desert is one of the driest places on earth and has 10% humidity, making it great of star gazing, as well as having nearly nothing grow.  I was sort of shocked a bit when we arrived into the town as it was bustling with tourists, tour operators, travel […]

Torres De Paine:  What an Amazing Place

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We made it successfully to our hotel in Torres Del Paine National Park.  This park is a huge place, and it is 75KM from the nearest gas station, so you must fill up before hand.  We used almost all of our gas getting there, driving around and back to Puerto Natales.  We do have spare gas so I wasn’t worried about it though.  The roads are really good compared to others we have been on […]

Navimag to Torres Del Paine:  5M Seas, 50 knot winds, incredible views, an extra three days… and more

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Well we have been offline for almost a week now.  We took a ship from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales Chile – which goes down the coast “inland” then goes offshore for a stretch of about 14 hours and basically in the sourthern ocean.  The boat trip was spectacular, however due to weather we were delayed leaving, delayed in route and delayed getting in.  After experiencing the ocean side of the trip I’m glad the […]

Teatro del Lago

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  So, there is this really cool Theater on the water that really speaks out to me. On the first of March,  we went and saw a graduating concert for the students who were enrolled and were presented their Diploma from College of the arts. After all, this theater is also big on educatio. This theater is well known throughout the world. I mean, people have come from every continent in the world to play […]

Getting to Back to Chile – Frutillar; Studebaker Museum; Submarine, 3500 Year Old Tree; and more…

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Well it’s been about a week since we did a real post about what we have been up to.  We successfully crossed back from Argentina to Chile without much of an issue.  Taking the car across the border was my biggest concern, however we have our title and US registration and that has been all that’s needed.  It seems with vehicles in South America they go off of your plate tag and not the acctual […]

Ugh! Robbed in Pucon – we are ok.

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So we had been staying in this great spot in Pucon called Romance del Lago – which was excellent up until Wednesday when the ugly side of the world reared its head and sort of slapped us back into reality.  We left our house around 4:30, came back at 8:30 to find a window wide open.  Yup, we got robbed.  At first you don’t believe it, then you realize what you lost and get really […]

Captain Jack Sparrow, German Beer, Sailing and our Crazy 10+ Mile Hike (sore today!)

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Beach/Bar/Jack Sparrow – We now have officially been here for about a month and are getting the hang of things.  Certain things like ordering food, going to the store, etc. we have under our belts – in understanding what people want, communicating, etc.  It’s the new situations where we stand there looking like dopes since we don’t know what we are being told.  Many times it’s simply knowing the nouns and verbs – but when you […]

The Monastery on the hill, How Chile Reduces Smoking, and 10 Mile Hike Number Two of Five


The Monastery on the Hill, and Smoking  So two days ago, we went to this really cool monastery up on the hill. From the city, all you can see is part of the building. From the monastery, however, you can see just about all of Pucon. The road up was quite nice, made of cobblestone. After three switchbacks, we finally made the parking lot, just outside of it, which is actually quite small. We walked […]