Teatro del Lago

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Teatro del Lago Frutillar

Teatro del Lago Frutillar

So, there is this really cool Theater on the water that really speaks out to me. On the first of March,  we went and saw a graduating concert for the students who were enrolled and were presented their Diploma from College of the arts. After all, this theater is also big on educatio. This theater is well known throughout the world. I mean, people have come from every continent in the world to play at this theater. And this is not just for symphonies. It can be used for Ballet, Opera, Bands, Symphonies, Plays and more. And the nice thing is about this theater, is that it has two auditoriums. One really big, and one not so big.  We saw our concert in the smaller one, which has a very nice view of the lake and Osorno Volcano.

    Later on in the week, we went on a tour which was in English and Spanish, which was nice, so we could understand it. We were not the only people from America though.. there was an Alumi group from Washington University ( GO HUSKIES!!!) that  was going on some sort of world tour and other english speaking tourists. teh theater is built where an old hotel used to be. when it burned down in the 90s, the town saw an oppurtunity to build a theater, since Frutillar is music orriented. It took 12 years to build! When it was finished in 2010, it was the goto place to be. The patern on the outside is supposed to represent the patern of the arts.  The roof is made of copper.  This Theater is HUGE! It has two  foyers, one with all these hanging lights that are supposed to look like the floating lamps from the Great Hall in Harry Potter. It looks great at night. It also has many resturants, and other small buisneses embedded into the theater.  It has two autditoriums, one with four floors, and one that can oly seat 100 people. Most of the theater is made of a very good European Beech Wood.  some polished, and some not. Eather way, it looks really nice. It has a private reception on the fifth floor with a lookout on the top of the theater. It is said that the glass is cut to have the same proportions as the keys on a piano.


The front entrance

The front entrance

In the main auditorium, it is made mostly of wood, which on the wall, is hollow so it can act as soundboards. also, it is curved on the wall, so it is open on the side faceing the back of the theater, and it being closed on the other side so the sound dosn’t return to the stage. If you look at the seats, you can see that the further the seats are from the stage, the higher above the seat the piece of wood is. That is because the piece of wood is supposed to make every seat in the auditoriium get the same amount of noise. In the short sense, it is one heck of a theater , and my oh my, it really is a place to see isf you travel to South America.

The main hall

The main hall

The lights- inspiration from Harry Potter movie

The lights- inspiration from Harry Potter movie

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I'm traveling in SA for 6 months and I AM PROUD OF IT!


  1. Granddad says

    Gavin, very well written. I always enjoy reading your posts. What a wonderful experience you seeing this truly beautiful concert hall. You should have played something for the audience.
    Thank you for giving a shout out for the Huskies. They are everywhere.
    Love, Granddad


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