Ugh! Robbed in Pucon – we are ok.

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Where is CSI Pucon? The boys could get prints for you...

Where is CSI Pucon? The boys could get prints for you…

So we had been staying in this great spot in Pucon called Romance del Lago – which was excellent up until Wednesday when the ugly side of the world reared its head and sort of slapped us back into reality.  We left our house around 4:30, came back at 8:30 to find a window wide open.  Yup, we got robbed.  At first you don’t believe it, then you realize what you lost and get really upset.  The kids were devistated as they also lost things.  Please note that we think this place is very safe and the owners are making improvements so that this never happens again.

What did we lose?  Our laptops,  iPhones (except Cindy’s), Gavin’s kindle, my Nikon camera, an entire suitcase of clothes, some of our trekking gear, and a bunch of traveling cash- which I mistakingly had left in our camera bag.

Good news- we think our home owners insurance will cover a lot of it, bad news- trying to do documentation for all this stuff 1/2 a world away.

We have replaced things with a couple of iPad minis so we can communicate and keep up with school, etc.  we can read on kindle app, etc.

The police in chile- because I needed a report for insurance- could have cared less- so unless someone walks in with our stuff, it has our name on it, and the robber says “these are the owners call them”- it’s gone.  Unfortunately you are a foreigner in a foreign land and I could tell that they don’t care at all.

Emotionally we we were all very upset.  Cindy and I couldn’t sleep in the house we had rented so it’s good that our visit was up there.  We transited the pass and went thru customs to Argentina yesterday.  I can already tell not being there is helping all move it on emotionally.

In the end it was just stuff- we are fine– it’s a life lesson for the boys- and we got lax in our attitude.  We had a gate with no lock, a house with an alarm that we didn’t know and we left a window opened.  The owners afterwards told us that we should have always locked the windows… Thanks for the heads up.   Now my head is on a protection swivel- we lock everything up and everything is hidden- so we have definitely learned our lesson.

The good news is that this has triggered a very good business idea in my head- which I get time to ponder on now.  No it is not a replacement “snuggie” for Pucon police.

we are now in a great safe condo in barriloche Argentina – the views here are amazing.  I have to figure out how to get photos from new phone to iPad to WordPress so that will be my technical challenge.




  1. well… another part of your adventure. Not fun and so mad this happened to you guys! Everything is replaceable, except for the feeling of security which will come with time. Glad you’ve moved on to a new place! Sadly, you’ll probably always be watched and labeled as a tourist, so glad you are ahead of the next bad guys! Happy to hear your wheels are turning with new ideas… Travel on!


  2. Rosa Medina says

    I’m so sorry about the news. Fortunately you all are o.k. and most of your days have gone very well. 

    Hope you keep having a good time. I and the boys love reading your posts.

    Take care and keep posting,


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    noutlaw posted: ”   So we had been staying in this great spot in Pucon called Romance del Lago – which was excellent up until Wednesday when the ugly side of the world reared its head and sort of slapped us back into reality.  We left our house around 4:30, cam”


  3. I’m so sorry you went through this ugly, upsetting and sad experience guys! Thank God you are OK. At the end, “things” can be replaced, but…you feel so violated, don’t you! I’m mostly sorry for the kids; it must have been devastating for them; something so foreign to them, and losing their stuff, while so far away from home; but…on the brighter side (there’s always one) it’s a learning experience and an anecdote, for the future 🙂 You must have lost all of your photos, with the computer gone? Argentina is worse, no doubt! Be very careful, please.
    Other than this episode, your trip sounds AMAZING! I have not commented, but have been following it, all the time. I’m so impressed with you all!
    Please be careful. Love, from all the Tufinos.


  4. Oh my gosh! So glad to hear you are all okay!! Also happy to hear it isn’t going to stop you or slow you down from your adventures. Play on, Outlaws!!! 🙂


  5. That’s totally intense. I’m so sorry. That happened to me as a child. I think it’s a bright spot that it didn’t happen at your home here. The safety feeling and sanctity of the boys real home has not been violated. Please give everyone my love. Let me know if I can help from here or if you need me to ship you something. Sending love your way.


  6. Aw, that stinks! So glad you guys are safe and moving on. By the time you are headed back here, it will just be a blip on the memory montage, but what a lousy blip.
    Hugs to all from us,


  7. Granddad says

    First of all, we are so glad you are all fine and responding so positively about the negative experience. Second, the attitude that it is only stuff is the right one. Materials things can be replaced, but the wonderful memories you are making will be with you forever. Third, it sounds like the landlord did the right thing with the insurance, but could have been a bit more forthright regarding potential invasion crimes. Finally, we know you will continue to make great memories with more great experience. Just chalk this negative one as a lesson learned and move on with the good time.

    Love, Granddad


  8. Granddad says

    Hello Sweethearts, You have been in our thoughts a great deal over the last few days. We always want to protect our children from adversity. I am so glad that you are fine and have a wonderful attitude in order to continue with your adventure. I guess it sometimes takes a terrible experience to learn a valuable lesson. On top of the dog situation, you must be exhausted. Take time to relax and pull yourselves back together. Can’t wait for you to learn the new camera. We heard that the boys have really been wonderful with supportive attitudes. We love you. — Grandmother


  9. What a shame that your home away from home was broken into. I’m glad it was towards the end of your stay in Pucon. Try not to let it color your feelings for the place! You have the right attitude– it’s just stuff. I’m glad you’re all safe. Can’t wait to hear your adventures in Argentina!


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