Off to Argentina. First stop, San Martin de Los Andes

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The road to bariloche

The road to bariloche

So, off to Argentina we go. Our first long term location, is Bariloche, Argentina. We were looking at maps, and we realized that the one day drive, would be something like, 10 hours. Not with the border crossing, of course. Our plan was to get across the border, and find a town to stay the night in. We found…..San Martin De Los Andes, Argentina. Perfect. We had found our way to Argentina. We set off a little while later. After an hour or so of smooth pavement, we hit some road work. I would say it spanned 5 miles. Paving the road, blasting rock, and drilling and digging made quite a show. Some signs made us think, ” oh no” . They were over exaggerating it quite a bit.

After passing through construction zone, we hit the border. Next to a volcano, it was quite beautiful. The wait however, not so much. Exiting Chile, went really quick. It was Argentina however, that held us up. While my dad was in line, my mom, my brother, and I watched outside activities. We watched a car get searched and that made us think, ” Does our car have to get searched?” After all, it was loaded up to the brim. Thankfully, it didn’t have to get searched.

After the border crossings, which took an hourlong period out of our day, we drove on. We hit San Martin after many beautiful stops, and a drink.
I was stunned by the lake nearby.


Glaciers in the background


Another volcano



The Llao lllao resort near bariloche




Old vs new




A lake where we had lunch



More ice cream



The lakes here are like the pacific northwest




Restaurant with fresh goat being cooked in the window




Rv’s – Argentinian style


Two hard at work




Family by the lake




Hayden took this cool pic of Gavin using new phone. It has some cool features





The Author

I'm traveling in SA for 6 months and I AM PROUD OF IT!


  1. Granddad says

    Gavin, an excellent bit of writing. I enjoyed reading every word. The lakes you describe and showed do look like the lakes in the Northwest. I am glad you arrive safe and sound and ready for your next set of adventures. Keep the stories and pictures coming.

    I really like the picture Hayden took of you. It is very 60s in style.

    Love, Granddad


  2. Granddad says

    Gavin, have you seen any old cars yet? Next time you see some old travel trailers or old RV send me the pictures. If the owners let you, take some pictures of the inside too. I would love to share with my old car and trailer friends.
    Love, Granddad


  3. Awesome pictures! What gorgeous views you guys are getting to experience. Argentina is going to be amazing!! XOXO


  4. Jocelyn Gebhardt says

    I am loving getting to travel along with the Outlaw family. Thanks for your posts!


  5. Granddad says

    Goodness! What exquisite pictures. You are such a great writer. I think the travel book idea is a good one. The picture of the family would make a great Christmas card. I don’t think I would want any goat, no matter where it is cooked. Did you eat it?

    I am glad that you think it is so beautiful where we live. It is. We are having very mild weather, with the plants thinking it is April instead of February. One side of the US is freezing , while the other half is having above average temps. People in Georgia don’t know what to do with the 14 degree weather. Oh goodness, that was Weather Channel Granny chiming in.

    We are trying to get Camden to sleep in a toddler bed. So far, he has slept on the floor for lots of naps. It is really tiring watching the monitor with his sitting by his gate and singing all his songs and finally lying down to sleep. Poor Auntie Erin is doing this during the night.
    I guess I shouldn’t use this as a place to catch up on news, but my time on the computer is limited. I am too busy monitor watching.

    I love you all a ton. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Nowell should have a good adventure for his birthday, coming very soon. Must be 39 this year!!!

    Hayden, can’t wait for you to photograph each of us and the dogs with your camera feature to make some great pictures for framing.
    Love, Grandmother


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