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Ugh! Robbed in Pucon – we are ok.

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So we had been staying in this great spot in Pucon called Romance del Lago – which was excellent up until Wednesday when the ugly side of the world reared its head and sort of slapped us back into reality.  We left our house around 4:30, came back at 8:30 to find a window wide open.  Yup, we got robbed.  At first you don’t believe it, then you realize what you lost and get really […]

Captain Jack Sparrow, German Beer, Sailing and our Crazy 10+ Mile Hike (sore today!)

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Beach/Bar/Jack Sparrow – We now have officially been here for about a month and are getting the hang of things.  Certain things like ordering food, going to the store, etc. we have under our belts – in understanding what people want, communicating, etc.  It’s the new situations where we stand there looking like dopes since we don’t know what we are being told.  Many times it’s simply knowing the nouns and verbs – but when you […]

We’re in San Francisco! I knew this felt like California

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So the entire trip from Vina Del Mar driving down here I kept telling Cindy and the boys that this is just like California – only about 75 years ago (or more).  The landscape, the fruits & farms, the type of trees, etc. all reminds me of California.  The weather in Pucon is amazingly good – even locals have said they are surprised at how nice it has been – they usually have some rainy […]

The Monastery on the hill, How Chile Reduces Smoking, and 10 Mile Hike Number Two of Five


The Monastery on the Hill, and Smoking  So two days ago, we went to this really cool monastery up on the hill. From the city, all you can see is part of the building. From the monastery, however, you can see just about all of Pucon. The road up was quite nice, made of cobblestone. After three switchbacks, we finally made the parking lot, just outside of it, which is actually quite small. We walked […]

Fun BBQ in Pucon

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  We were invited by our hosts in Pucon to attend a local BBQ for an American who has lived in Pucon and is returning back to the states for awhile.  It was a fun experience – both in the place it was held, the people we met and the things we were able to experience.   The man who is moving back to the states is a huge supporter of the street dog movement […]

Black Beach, White Beach, Sailing, Buying Local Queso, the Blue Lake and of course a Dessert

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It’s been hotter than earlier in the week so going to the beach was definitely in order.  The other day we went to black beach – at first we were walking along and not seeing anyone – then we turned the corner and yikes – lots of people.  We carefully carved out our 8′ x 8′ spot with our towels, the umbrella guy came over and put up an umbrella for us and we were […]

First Couple of Days in Pucon…

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Well we have spent the last three days here in Pucon getting re-established.  Pucon has grown a great deal since we were here 15 years ago – now you have “super-mercado” markets (3), seemingly many more places to stay and even some medium condo-esque style buildings appearing.  It was sort of sad to walk into the super-mercado which felt like King Soopers down the road – everything is packaged food, etc.  The nice thing is […]

Rural Turismo Los Vilches – “honey I got a room with a goat!”

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So we are now in Pucon, having driven from Las Cruces to Pucon.  We needed a place to stay and the 1/2 way point is a spot in Chillán – so we went about finding a place to stay.  I wasn’t really paying attention when Cindy was making the reservation(s) – we usually trust each other – and she’s great about finding places to stay.  All I heard was “I booked a place with a picture […]