Fun BBQ in Pucon

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The local BBQ and Ribs/Sausage we ate later. Just like Scout Camp right?


We were invited by our hosts in Pucon to attend a local BBQ for an American who has lived in Pucon and is returning back to the states for awhile.  It was a fun experience – both in the place it was held, the people we met and the things we were able to experience.   The man who is moving back to the states is a huge supporter of the street dog movement here in Pucon – and he gave a very moving speech about people supporting street dogs.  You see, rich people from Santiago come here during the summer, hang out and play.  They also might grab a puppy from the street for their kids to play with – aw how cute… The problem is that upon leaving back to Santiago, almost all these dogs are left here in Pucon at a spot on the way out of town.  It’s a shame because dogs here are not like our dogs in the states – here as a dog you live on the street, or outside 100% of the time – even if you have an owner.  Chilean’s don’t really believe in spay/neuter as well – so you get all these dogs out on the streets at night – and lots of puppies follow…  He gave a very moving speech which hopefully will get people to support what he cares about.

The party was awesome.  There is a building that another guy owns that is basically a ‘party/bbq’ room.  This is where the American folks have a huge Thanksgiving party (120+ people) every year.  There is a covered BBQ pit outdoors, that leads into this great space – covered with signs, hats, and older nostalgic things.  At the end of feasting, a soccer (futbal) game ensued – Gavin went out and played.   Most of the younger adults here at the party are from other countries – including the US – Australia, New Zeland, England, etc.  So everyone knows/loves soccer.   The nice thing was that the older guys (20+ yrs old) went easy on the younger guys (10+ years old) so everyone had a good time.  During the game the mom of one of the guys came over and started talking to us – her son (who was playing) is also a professional soccer coach – and her other son is a professional goalie in Santiago – guess they like the sport!

Anyway – a great time was had by all.


This is the grilling room – note the fire in the floor and then there is a open place in the roof for the smoke. Wish we had a place like this – it’s awesome.


Notice the meat hanging from the ceiling?


Cool Room – signs everywhere


Salads brought by others – Cindy made orzo salad – which we love.


Gavin doing his thing @ soccer game.


More Soccer


Hayden found a guitar.

Hayden found a guitar.


  1. Granddad says

    That some serious BBQ. Next time I am down in Lafayette, we will build a smoke house or BBQ pit at your place. I am glad to see Gavin getting right in there with everyone else. Those types of experiences is one of the reasons you are there. The pictures are excellent.


  2. The first two photos look like they are from 100 years ago! So cool. Love the soccer/ guitar pictures.


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