We’re in San Francisco! I knew this felt like California

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So the entire trip from Vina Del Mar driving down here I kept telling Cindy and the boys that this is just like California – only about 75 years ago (or more).  The landscape, the fruits & farms, the type of trees, etc. all reminds me of California.  The weather in Pucon is amazingly good – even locals have said they are surprised at how nice it has been – they usually have some rainy days, etc.  We met a guy from the states who is a blue berry farmer here (going to see his farm later) – but you also see lots of berries, etc.  Last year they did get 110 inches of rain here last year – so that gives you a good perspective on how it changes.  It might be closer to Seattle on the rain scale – although 110 is a lot.

So mapped out are a couple of things.  First is our location in South America (Pucon) – then this plotted north, but adjusted to the west coast – see it’s exactly in San Francisco!  The next thing I did is took the tip of south america and plotted that against where that would be in the Northern Hemisphere – it’s amazing …. we’re not even really getting to Alaska – but it’s the tip of South America.   Makes you think about all the people living in Alaska and what extreme conditions they live under.

It’s a short post, but helps me (and probably you) understand where we are in relation to the Northern side of the world.


Lat/Lon of Pucon Chile


Lat/Lon of Pucon Chile in Northern Hemisphere – adjusted West


Tip of South America


Where the tip of South America plots to in the Northern Hemisphere.


And same position, moved to west coast.



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