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Fun BBQ in Pucon

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  We were invited by our hosts in Pucon to attend a local BBQ for an American who has lived in Pucon and is returning back to the states for awhile.  It was a fun experience – both in the place it was held, the people we met and the things we were able to experience.   The man who is moving back to the states is a huge supporter of the street dog movement […]

Black Beach, White Beach, Sailing, Buying Local Queso, the Blue Lake and of course a Dessert

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It’s been hotter than earlier in the week so going to the beach was definitely in order.  The other day we went to black beach – at first we were walking along and not seeing anyone – then we turned the corner and yikes – lots of people.  We carefully carved out our 8′ x 8′ spot with our towels, the umbrella guy came over and put up an umbrella for us and we were […]

First Couple of Days in Pucon…

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Well we have spent the last three days here in Pucon getting re-established.  Pucon has grown a great deal since we were here 15 years ago – now you have “super-mercado” markets (3), seemingly many more places to stay and even some medium condo-esque style buildings appearing.  It was sort of sad to walk into the super-mercado which felt like King Soopers down the road – everything is packaged food, etc.  The nice thing is […]

Rural Turismo Los Vilches – “honey I got a room with a goat!”

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So we are now in Pucon, having driven from Las Cruces to Pucon.  We needed a place to stay and the 1/2 way point is a spot in Chillán – so we went about finding a place to stay.  I wasn’t really paying attention when Cindy was making the reservation(s) – we usually trust each other – and she’s great about finding places to stay.  All I heard was “I booked a place with a picture […]

Vina del Mar

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So today I joined the fellas in Chile! Smooth flights followed by taxi ride to one (of two) Hyatts in Santiago.  I was gently redirected to the second where Nowell and the boys have been staying.  Details details! We then hopped in a shuttle to take us to Vina del Mar, the port town where we will await the arrival of our car. The ride, about an hour, took us through lovely wine country before […]

What is Santiago like? a 10 year old perspective

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Most of my friends have asked me,”Gavin, what is Santiago like?” Well, for starts,  some cars that most people thought that were discontinued are driven (NEW Peugeots, Alfa romeos etc) here in Santiago. Six million people live here, yet it only seems like two million live here. Most of the buildings you can see are huge skyscrapers, but if you look close enough you can see some small resident one story houses wedged in between […]