What is Santiago like? a 10 year old perspective

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Most of my friends have asked me,”Gavin, what is Santiago like?” Well, for starts,  some cars that most people thought that were discontinued are driven (NEW Peugeots, Alfa romeos etc) here in Santiago. Six million people live here, yet it only seems like two million live here. Most of the buildings you can see are huge skyscrapers, but if you look close enough you can see some small resident one story houses wedged in between the high rises and office buildings. It is weird knowing that in this city, there are millionaires in this city, but when I walk around town, I see so many people in poverty with nothing to eat. Speaking of which, the food here is different. Milk comes in boxes, not jugs like we are used to in the USA. Most restaurants ingredients are hand made, not imported and “Made in China” =-0!!!! For a capital city with a population of six million, I’m shocked to see not a speck of trash on the ground. The weird thing is, although there are no factories in site for miles… there is smog. Weird huh? Santiago is an adjustment ever since I left the plane and I still have a lot of adjusting to do in the near future.

The Author

I'm traveling in SA for 6 months and I AM PROUD OF IT!


  1. Grand dad says

    Gavin, I am very proud of your descriptive writing skill. In reading your work, I could almost see the city. Please keep up the great work and continue to write such wonderful paragraphs.


  2. Aunt Erin says

    Love your update G! I especially like hearing about the differences. The food sounds amazing! Xo!


  3. Lisa Coatney says

    Your description is so vivid, Gavin. It gives me such a clear image of your perspective!
    Thank you!!!


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