Vina del Mar

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So today I joined the fellas in Chile! Smooth flights followed by taxi ride to one (of two) Hyatts in Santiago.  I was gently redirected to the second where Nowell and the boys have been staying.  Details details! We then hopped in a shuttle to take us to Vina del Mar, the port town where we will await the arrival of our car. The ride, about an hour, took us through lovely wine country before winding us down to our hostel, “The Little Castle.”  Hayden was happy to learn that our hostel was not hostile, in fact our host is quite lovely. This little place has survived multiple earthquakes, clinging to one of the many hills here.  We spent the afternoon walking the boardwalk and taking in the sites. Tomorrow we may have a beach day where I will wow the locals with a full coverage swim suit bottom (and top.)

I am encouraged by the boys’ enthusiasm.  Hayden wishes we could have spent a month in Santiago and now, Vina del Mar.  He thinks Vina looks like Monacco.  I will report back if I see any hunky 007!  Here’s a picture of Gavin who spent a good chunk of time watching the seas, looking at freight liners.  Hopefully, our car is on one of those!


IMG_4805 IMG_4816 IMG_4810 DSC_0302 DSC_0297 IMG_4813


  1. Aunt Erin says

    Great pictures! So glad everyone has arrived and the journey has successfully fully started 🙂 awesome!!!


  2. Sarah C says

    So glad you have all arrived! Loving the updates and photos! Can’t wait for the update on the Adventure Mobile arrival off the freight liner.


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