The wonders of Vina Del Mar

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Vina Del Mar! The wonder of it all. It seems like a South American San Francisco. With all the ships in the cove and all the steep hillside streets, I’m reminded of California. The thing is, from my perspective, the three cities that are sharing the cove, Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar, and Colcon,  since they’re so close to each other it seems bigger than Santiago, although it’s not… a shame. Beaches that are packed from one end to another that stretch for miles, shops that are set up on the street by the ocean boardwalk, and all the apartment high rises, it gives me that San Diego feeling.  Trolley buses that go from Vina Del Mar to Valparaiso and vise versa gives you how far the cities span. Even outside city limits, huge high rises and mansions cover the ground. No agriculture for miles these three cities are so big. When your on the streets, the traffic is CRAZY. Personally, I think walking is better around here. Every day, if I look out to sea, I can see at least two big container or oil or some type of cargo ships. Santiago was arid to the last bit, Vina Del Mar however, is more of a greener city. At least it isn’t 95 degrees fahrenheit here in Vina Del Mar. Culture wise, this city is unique in its own ways. different music, entertainment, different everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a big change for me, but unfortunately, my time here is very short. Next stop, Las Cruces, Chile

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