Day 1.5 – Santiago

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It’s hot!  95F during the day – and in the city.  Going from 10F (denver) to 95F (santiago) is a real change.  The boys are handling it ok – although I can tell it’s taking it’s toll.  We woke up at 9 am by alarm  – which is 5 a.m colorado time – promptly turned that off and woke up at a proper 12:15 to go have lunch.

Yesterday we found some guys sailing remote control sail boats on a small lake – walked around a bunch and generally got acclimated to our new location.  Hayden is doing great with his language skills –  Gavin is working on it and will soon get the hang of it.  I honestly think Hayden is doing better than I am – as I was asked if I wanted a beer today and answered “medium” – not thinking she was asking for a beer – but rather how I wanted my hamburger cooked.

I was telling the boys how interesting it was that we haven’t seen things like Starbucks, etc. here – then turned the corner – and there was… Starbucks, Crocks, GMC vitamins – yuck.

Cindy is leaving in a couple of hours for her all night flight adventure – then she will be here and we will move to the coast – where it should be 80F and comfortable.  The hotel is great – very nice, clean and comfortable – it’s a new Hyatt and had a great deal.  I’ve been playing with UBER a lot trying to figure out if we should use it as a driver to take us to Vina del mar tomorrow as it’s cheaper – but with all of our stuff and 4 people might be a stretch to have a UBER driver take us – so will probably take a normal van.  There is the bus, but taking bags, boys, tired cindy traveller, etc. in taxi to bus station, bus tickets, bus ride, another taxi, etc. might be pushing it for us.

Ok – off to work on some reading and math with the boys…

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  1. Aunt Erin says

    Great first days!!!! The weather sounds fantastic! I might put on my flip flops today to celebrate your arrival 🙂 xo


  2. Very happy that all is going well. The temperature change will take its toll for awhile. Glad the boys are adjusting and that Hayden is shining with his language skills. Thank you for posting and putting pictures up.


  3. Sorry to say, but Broncos are out of the playoff. Tonight’s game may be Peyton’s last.


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