Pets? What are we doing with them?

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Everyone asks us “what about your pets?”  You see, we have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 4 chickens… (Zesty, Knowshawn, Wilbur, Lucy, Penny, Kung-Pao, and Big-Bird).  Our pets share our lives, and as such we are very connected with them – this might be the hardest part of actually leaving for six months.  As it turns out, our house is being managed by a very nice lady who also loves animals.  For Cindy it will be leaving Wilbur the cat – we have had Wilbur since we first started dating in Denver.  For me Zesty (my baby) will be the tough one to leave.  Knowshawn is doing much better – six months ago leaving would be easier – but as it turns out – he’s working out just fine.  Cindy has this way with animals and making them all very loving, caring and great family pets.  They are all very calm around her.

I wish I could take Zesty with us on our travels.  She follows me around the house where ever I go – if I’m working in the office she’s right there – waiting (usually sleeping).   She goes with me everywhere (car, mountains, to sleep, etc.)  Every morning around 5 a.m. she has to jump up onto the bed with us – probably will miss that a great deal.

In the end – they will be completely fine – in that we’ve found someone that will love them as much as we do.

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  1. Lisa Coatney says

    I just said good bye to Cindy and already miss you guys.
    We could not be more thrilled for the Outlaws and can’t wait to share in the experience as we watch the journey unfold. Farewell (for now) to our beloved friends and neighbors.
    Be well, safe and have an unforgettable blast!


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