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Ica, Chincha Alta, and first days in Huaraz

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  Well, it has been a good long while since my last post, and alot has happened since. After driving to Nasca and staying a night, we had gooten used to sea level again. Driving to Ica, we got to see some of the Nasca Lines. While you are driving the Panamerican north, you can stop at two watchtowers, and you pay two soles. We decided not to do the airplane tour, because we watched […]

Hiking Playa Munoz; Fondue Dinner; a Mountain Glacier Sailing on the Lake

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It’s been a busy couple of days here in Bariloche Argentina. We have until Saturday here, then will cross back into Chile and stay in a place called Frutillar until Friday, when we board the Navimag ship for a 4 day excursion to the tip of South America. They can accommodate our car on the ship so we are going one way and ending up at Puerto Natales – so more on that excursion in […]

Bariloche: St. Bernards, Skyway Tram, Hiking Refugio Lopez & a good meal

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  So we have now been in Bariloche for about 5 days. Honestly the first couple we have been in reaction mode dealing with stuff from our incident in Pucon. However, we have now submitted everything to insurance and they are doing their stuff on their end. Note to anyone travelling, it’s a good idea to take pictures of any/all items taken on a trip. One of our issues is my camera which we don’t […]

Captain Jack Sparrow, German Beer, Sailing and our Crazy 10+ Mile Hike (sore today!)

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Beach/Bar/Jack Sparrow – We now have officially been here for about a month and are getting the hang of things.  Certain things like ordering food, going to the store, etc. we have under our belts – in understanding what people want, communicating, etc.  It’s the new situations where we stand there looking like dopes since we don’t know what we are being told.  Many times it’s simply knowing the nouns and verbs – but when you […]

The Monastery on the hill, How Chile Reduces Smoking, and 10 Mile Hike Number Two of Five


The Monastery on the Hill, and Smoking  So two days ago, we went to this really cool monastery up on the hill. From the city, all you can see is part of the building. From the monastery, however, you can see just about all of Pucon. The road up was quite nice, made of cobblestone. After three switchbacks, we finally made the parking lot, just outside of it, which is actually quite small. We walked […]

First Couple of Days in Pucon…

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Well we have spent the last three days here in Pucon getting re-established.  Pucon has grown a great deal since we were here 15 years ago – now you have “super-mercado” markets (3), seemingly many more places to stay and even some medium condo-esque style buildings appearing.  It was sort of sad to walk into the super-mercado which felt like King Soopers down the road – everything is packaged food, etc.  The nice thing is […]