Colca Canyon: Yanque, Chivay, Andean Condors and being a tourist again

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Andean Condor in flight.


So we made the trek from Arequipa to the Colca Canyon (Yanque) without much trouble.  The car sure doesn’t like passes at 15,000 feet – but we pushed through.  The Colca Canyon is a huge place where Inca used to farm, and locals still do on terraces all the way down.  On different terraces they grow different things due to the weather changes at different levels.  We spent the day driving the canyon, as well as seeing Andean Condors in the morning.  We stopped at several of the tourist spots to play tourists as well.  The Alpaca are everwhere here.  What’s amazing is while you are driving you’ll come across Alpaca, Burro’s, and sheep crossing the road, or grazing in the open spaces that you are driving through.  I haven’t seen an actual fence in days – the animals can roam free.

We left Colca Canyon today and drove to Puno and Lake Titicaca – the boys like saying  Lake… anyway we are now at 13,000 feet for two days.  We all drank the  Coca-tea, made from you guessed it –  the same leaf as the illegal drug.  It helps with altitude and headaches.  I’m suprised it’s not a scout thing…


Colca Canyon, this is the end of the canyon near Yanque


The Canyon, deeper than the grand canyon in USA. Condors fly on the ridge on the left.



A family photo!


Some school kids dancing in the street. We stoppe and paid the fee. (donation)



The one on the right is a bull… should we wait?


Condor in flight.





Hayden is getting very big, our 8th grader next year.


13 month kiddo playing while mom sells tourist goods.


Cindy and Hayden at one of the viewpoints.


There was a pretty interesting conversation before this about who’s hand would be on top and if the bird had sharp claws… nope.

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  1. Sarah C says

    You all look great! Keep up the wonderful sharing of the Peruvian leg of the journey!


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