Author: Gavin O.

From Skyscrapers to Farms


The dirt road that we took here gave me a vague idea of the town we were going to. Run down, not maintained, little to no population…I was wrong…. From Vina Del Mar, skyscrapers and fancy buildings to Las Cruces, small, one story houses and rural buildings. A big change from city life to country life. Once your settled in though, it feels like home. Family run businesses, typical families, and all the little side […]

The wonders of Vina Del Mar

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Vina Del Mar! The wonder of it all. It seems like a South American San Francisco. With all the ships in the cove and all the steep hillside streets, I’m reminded of California. The thing is, from my perspective, the three cities that are sharing the cove, Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar, and Colcon, ┬ásince they’re so close to each other it seems bigger than Santiago, although it’s not… a shame. Beaches that are packed from […]

What is Santiago like? a 10 year old perspective

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Most of my friends have asked me,”Gavin, what is Santiago like?” Well, for starts, ┬ásome cars that most people thought that were discontinued are driven (NEW Peugeots, Alfa romeos etc) here in Santiago. Six million people live here, yet it only seems like two million live here. Most of the buildings you can see are huge skyscrapers, but if you look close enough you can see some small resident one story houses wedged in between […]