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The Monastery on the hill, How Chile Reduces Smoking, and 10 Mile Hike Number Two of Five


The Monastery on the Hill, and Smoking  So two days ago, we went to this really cool monastery up on the hill. From the city, all you can see is part of the building. From the monastery, however, you can see just about all of Pucon. The road up was quite nice, made of cobblestone. After three switchbacks, we finally made the parking lot, just outside of it, which is actually quite small. We walked […]

Rural Turismo Los Vilches – “honey I got a room with a goat!”

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So we are now in Pucon, having driven from Las Cruces to Pucon.  We needed a place to stay and the 1/2 way point is a spot in Chillán – so we went about finding a place to stay.  I wasn’t really paying attention when Cindy was making the reservation(s) – we usually trust each other – and she’s great about finding places to stay.  All I heard was “I booked a place with a picture […]